$500 Added Money Nightly in the Bull Riding!

$333 Added Money Nightly in the Calf Roping!

Bull Riding, with its $500 added money nightly, is the main event at the Enterprise Utah Rodeo along with Calf Roping which features a 3-night Tyrel bullriderTerry Memorial All-around Buckle and $333 added money per night, Barrel Racing and Team Roping.

Each night is a separate performance with its own payout and features all of the events listed below along with two specialty events and a clown act by Jared the Clown.

Bull Riding (limited to 15 riders per night)-------------------$50.00 per night
Ribbon Roping------------------------------------------------------$20.00 per team
Tyrel Terry Calf Roping-------------------------------------------$20.00 per night
Women's Breakaway Roping-----------------------------------$20.00 per night
Barrel Racing--------------------------------------------------------$20.00 per night
Mixed Team Roping-----------------------------------------------$40.00 per team
(One team member must be 15 or under or a women.)
Team Roping--------------------------------------------------------$40.00 per team

JUNIOR EVENTS - Age 15 and under
Calf Roping-----------------------------------------------------------$10.00 per night
Girls Breakaway Roping-----------------------------------------$10.00 per night
Barrel Racing (No Assistance)---------------------------------$10.00 per night
Special Breakaway Roping (age 12 and under)----------$10.00 per night

Enter Events Online HERE, please enter by the Monday before the rodeo when possible.