American Legion Post 80

The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is the nation’s largest veteran’s service organization, committed to mentoring and sponsorship of youth programs in ourgrand entry communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting a strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.

American Legion Post 80 was organized in 1946 and is a not-for-profit organization that donates thousands of dollars annually back to our community and surrounding areas. This past year alone the American Legion Post 80 has donated to over 40 organizations and events including the following:

> College Scholarships
> Relay for Life
> Area Fire Departments
> Little League
> High School Sports and Rodeo Club
> Washington County Library and Enterprise Reading Programs
> Missoula Children’s Theater
> Easter Egg Hunt
> Miss Enterprise
> Christmas Charities

The American Legion’s success depends entirely on active membership, participation and volunteerism. The organization belongs to the people it serves and the communities in which it thrives. To become a member of the American Legion Post 80 contact Marlo at 435-878-2225 or to become a member of the Sons of the American Legion contact Rydel at 435-231-1649.

Eligibility requirements for American Legion Membership are: If you are currently on active duty, serving the United States honorably, anywhere in the world, or have served honorable during any of the following eligible war eras.

World War 1 (Apr. 6, 1917 to Nov. 11, 1918)
World War 2 (Dec. 7, 1941 to Dec. 31, 1946)
Korean War (Jun. 25, 1950 to Jan. 31, 1955)
Vietnam War (Feb. 28, 1961 to May 7, 1975)
Lebanon / Grenada (Aug. 24, 1982 to July 31, 1984)
Panama (Dec. 20, 1989 to Jan. 31, 1990)
Gulf War / War on Terrorism (Aug. 2, 1990 to today)

Eligibility Requirements for the Sons of the American Legion Membership are: A male descendant, including stepsons and adopted sons, of a veteran eligible for membership in the American Legion.

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